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2 Corinthians 12:1-10

Text:  v. 9 "But he said to me,  My grace is sufficient  for you"


Experiences are showing that we are not exempted from challenges

Challenges come to all of us in different ways

For Christians, there is still the call and mandate of God upon them - to make disciples of all nations

Yet our challenges tend to want to debar or distract us

So the thesis of today's message is :


This was Paul's experience and confession

What led to this ?

Our Passage Today

Few things to note :

1. Paul had an experience some 14 years ago - caught into 3rd heaven, God's own very dwelling place

2. It was an indescribable experience

From this Apostle, we learnt that our religious experiences with the Lord are personal, for which there is no reason to boast. Why?

Such boasting makes appear super-spiritual

It tends to make others feel inferior

It tends to want people make god of us

For some , it makes them focus on experience , rather than the Lord Himself

For Paul , in order not to boast , he was given "thorns " in his flesh

( what this means  is for another message  )

These thorns refuse to go after several prayers

Ask :

But why ? Why will a great servant of God pray and the Lord not answer ?

Would he continue his ministry?

How would he , together with the thorns ?

But then, why the "thorns"

So that Paul would be mindful that he was no better than other men

But much more:

So that Paul will not puff up

So that God's power will be revealed in him

So that Paul will live for Christ's sake

So that God's power will be manifested in his own weakness

And he will learn to depend on Him alone always

What Is Our Stake Today?

We , as a church , or individuals  , may have our own "thorns"

Are we ready to move on in the battle for Truth

By the way, what can you regard as your own "thorn"

Has it or have they stopped you from serving  God faithfully ?

Have they taken you away from your duty/ministry post?

The call to you and each of us is, "RENEW YOUR MINISTRY

Go back to holy loving

Go back to serious Soulwinning

Go back to faithful /dedicated service

Go back to your discipling

Go back to your loving brethren

God back to your high level commitment

Go back to your obedience to God's Word

Go back to your faithful giving

Go back

May we pray as we resolve to renew our own personal ministry