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Exodus  25 : 1-9

Text :  V. 2 "

Speak unto the children of Israel, that they take for me an offering:of every man whose heart maketh him willing ye shall take my offering."

Introduction :

Continuing from where we stopped last week

We must make ourselves available to the manifold graces of God

It is the grace of God that we can cope with all situations

We do well to constantly receive grace to carry out our ministries

The demands of ministry suggest that we cannot move on without grace

Today we move  further  to still ask for grace

And it is the grace of GIVING for God's work

Two Principles to discuss today.


There are too many financial obligations required of us

Especially in recent times

The truth: no requirement or request immediately we are no more here

But while here , we will be called upon to respond to the needs of the moment

So, today , from our passage, let's just share two principles

1. The Principle of Giving

2. The Principle of Freewill offerings

So today, let us renew our ministry by sincere giving and Freewill offering

This giving is to be done freely , Matt 10:8

Should be done cheerfully, 2 Cor 9 : 7

Should also be done according to ability,  Ezra 2:69; Acts 11: 29 _

1. The Principle suggests that we give God our mandatory gift via tithes  and offering.

2. The Principle suggests that we give out of what God has graciously given to us , as many times as opportunity avails and demands

In Our Own Situation:

Consider our denominational requirements

Consider our ministries which must never stop

But then, remember situation of many people :

Who may have but don't understand

Who may have but don't hear

Who may have but don't chow concern and commitment

Who may have but give as much as they are able

Who may not have at all, despite their willingness


So , In That Light

Some of us just have to receive extra grace as we renew our :

  Love for our Lord and Church

  Commitment to God's work  in our hands and time

  Commitment and dedication to consistent gracious giving


Giving of our tithes and offerings are mandatory , it is a command

Giving of Freewill offerings are required , by it many things are done

Believers , faithful members of a church family must not renege

Pray now for grace for a renewed commitment to this grace of  giving