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Luke 15:11-24

Text: vs 17 & 18 ( read it )


This passage is about the parable of the lost son.

Told by Jesus, to illustrate something

Among them is:

The Father's great love ,

The coming home of a sinner ,

The loss, recovery, celebration of a prodigal, Etc


But today , as part of this series , the idea is :

Renew your relationship with the Saviour , Jesus Christ

Renew your relationship with the church

Renew every broken  human relationship

Renew your walk with God

It has been said times and again , the best place to be in is the home .


It is the place of love and light

It is the place of fellowship and togetherness

It is the place of plenty  for everybody to share

It is the place of comfort and solace

It is a place against every form of attacks

It is a place of rest

It is a place of welcome

It is a place for everybody in that family


That is exactly the what the church is

Hence , when you are not in your home church , you MUST be in your church  home


To Our Passage:

1. The  richness of the father , v. 12

   He had an estate

   He divided the property between his two sons

   The boy was given enough , at least  , no complaint


2. The  sufferings Outside Home , vs.13-16

   Bad company and dangerous journey

   Squandered his wealth  in wild living

   Severe famine in the place he was

   Became terribly in need

   Became an unemployable job-seeker


3. He Came to His Senses, vs. 17ff

   Could it be he has lost his senses before?

   (any time you are doing what is abnormal for you, your sense is lost)

   He came to his senses to discover :

   He is away from home

   He was not supposed to be in that condition

   His Father's servants were better off

   There is the need to go back home


4. The Awaiting Hands of the Father, v. 20

   He decided to go back home

   Went and found the father waiting for him


5. Genuine Repentance, v.21

   Spoke to the father as he had resolved

   Deserved no more the place of son

   Preferred to be made a slave of his father


6. The Right Place To Be , vs 22-24

   In the home , there is the best robe, ring and sandal

   In the home there is more than enough food

   In the home, there is celebration.


Where are you now?

I know you will say , "in church"

Are you really in church?

Do you really belong to the church ?

Despite being in church, where else do you belong to?

Especially, such places of:






Bad gangs

Where they have removed the glory of God on you and given you rags.

The best place to be:

The bible-based church like this

The fellowship of brethren

People who are pilgrims toward heaven

People who resemble their holy God

Who are carriers of God's grace and blessings daily

Who will influence you for good

And help you to fulfill your God-given vision

As we said last week , you are in the wrong place if  none of these is happening to you

May we pray, please