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Philippians 1:1-6

Text:v. 5

"For you have been my PARTNERS in spreading the Good News about Christ

from the time you first heard it until now"


Sermon Outline for Sun...

This his is another Mission Week

Every sincere believer is a Missionary

Every non-Christian in a Mission-field

Which one are you?

The common axiom today in Missions is PARTNERSHIP

That is, every Christian has a role to play for the Gospels to spread

If this fails, the repercussion is not funny, as the case now in Nigeria

The Basic Principle: I Cor 3:9-10

Definition: Collaboration, Togetherness, Synergy, Each doing his in the whole,



I. Paul and the Philippians

Preached Gospel to them

They responded positively

Became his partners thereafter for other places

That aided Paul very much

Always glad about their remembrance, hence his prayers for therm

Paul's Recognition and Wish read Vs 7-


II. The Philippians Ministry of Partnership

Read 4 (Off

They were there for him always

He recognized their involvement and generosity

He appreciated them, them prayed for them


III. Our Call Today

This is International Mission Week

We talk about our Mission works outside the shore of Nigeria

Implication: we do Missions there in dollars

All of us are called to be part of what God is doing in those places


IV. Practical Things To Do

Collect a booklet to study at a hundred naira

Be familiar with what goes on in each fields and PRAY hard

Determine what you think is appropriate for you to give in partnership

Do that till we come back next week

We pull our resources together to the GMB of the NBO

May God and our Convention depend on you