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Gen 50: 16-21

Text v.19 Read it please


Joseph in charge of distribution of food to all in Egypt

Everybody ran to him for supply

His family not exempted

There is a reason God graciously put people where they are

Each person must identify why he's there

Joseph saw the hands of God mightier than the hands of men

When builders of nations or rulers in the nation know that it is about God:

They carry out their job graciously

They do it with the fear of God

Indeed, people rejoice

Let us seen how this comes to play in our passage today

1. Fear of the Unknown, vs. 15-17

The brothers gather again to tell another lie

They sought forgiveness for the past

Joseph wept.  What do you think made Joseph to weep?

2. The Attitude and Response of a Great Leader and Builder, vs 18-19

As in his vision, they bowed before Joseph, saying, " We are your slaves"

Note Joseph's comforting and reassuring words:

"Don't be afraid"

"Am I in the position of God?"

God changed your evil for good for me

For the saving of lives

This is great!

Leaders and builders of nations are to save lives

People should live comfortably under their watch care

Anything short of this is not God's will and desire and purpose.


What have great lesson to learn today, especially from this man, Joseph?

1. The forgiveness of Joseph shows how God forgives us, even when we ignore or reject Him

2. Only God can bring good out of any evil plan of man.

In the case of Joseph:

  The evil of the brother's deeds

   Portiphar's wife's false accusation

   The cupbearer's neglect

   Seven years of famine

Indeed, all things work together for those that are called according to God's purpose

Be faithful where you are now

Hold no grudge against any one.

Do your job the best way you know how

Leave the rest in the hands of God the perfect Judge


Get ready to play your civic right and role