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DECEMBER 31, 2017 - IT IS GOOD . . .

Psalm 149:1-6
Text: Psalm 92 :1-2
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Thanksgiving and gratitude to God are basic elements in the believer's life
Thanksgiving is a good thing for the believer to do always:
For salvation through Jesus, Col 12
For God's loving kindness
For His grace
For His faithful guidance and care
Hence on a day like this that the year ends,we should consider
Where God started off with us from
This far He graciously led us
The specifie things He did in our lives
The deliverance He wrought for us.
The provisions He brought our ways
The miracles He wrought for us, or on our behalf
For taking care of His Church all over the world Our passage states: Vs 2-3
Let Israel rejoice in Him that made her
Let the children of Zion be joyful in their King
Let them praise His name in dancing
Let them sing praises to Him
For the Lord delight in His people
Therefore, give Him quality praise

Count Your Blessings
Give God your praise as much as you know how.
It is my heart desire to specially thank you for all the messages sent to me throughout the year. I want you to know that, I read them all.
I know you have invested your time, money and instincts to get them arranged across to me.
Also I must let you know  that those messages had added values to me in every aspects of my life.
Therefore, I say big big thanks to you,  may the Grace of God be with you for ever more. Happy  new year in advance.