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1 Peter 2 : 1-5

Introduction: ref to last week's message

What we are to be rid of

What we are to crave

If this happens , what shall be the evidence ?

Addition to that,  from J C Ryle

If the following are not true to your life now as a Christian , know for sure , you are not born again yet

- Repentance of , and hatred for sin

- Consistent life of holiness

- Constant consciousness of Jesus' presence

- Personal devotion and prayer life

- Thirst , love , commitment and obedience to God's Word

Today, to show that you are really growing in your salvation , let just share three Principles from this passage of Acts

 Read Acts 2 : 46-47

Principle 1 : Worship , v. 46 ( John 4:24 )  in Spirit and  in truth

Principle 2: Fellowship, v. 46  ( read 1 John 1:3 ) fellowship with the Father and one another

Principle 3: Addition , v. 47 ( read Acts 4:4 )  "believers now totaled about 5,000 men, not counting women an children

The Challenge Today:

This is BSF week

Who will be willing used of God?

Where are the spiritual mentors?

The far these ones will go depends...

Those of you, BSF :

What are you learning ?

From where do you learn them ?

Will you remain ... ?

Will the Church be willing to pay the prize ?