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Romans 8:18-25; 31-38

Text: vs 38 & 39
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Today we share some summary thoughts on the year theme that we've been sharing  since the year began . Much was shared at the just concluded  Session of the NBC
Special thanks to our preachers last week on the  topic , BECOMING  AN OVERCOMER THROUGH CHRIST
Today we dwell a little on that as we share some principles that are very pertinent to our overcoming our challenges.
From our text , Paul's own conviction is proudly or convincingly stated - nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus
The bottom line is that the basis of of our overcoming is the very assurance that each person is genuinely redeemed
From the opening passage today, Paul observed: v. 18
Hence we settle down with the following principles in order to be constantly overcoming

Principle 1. Presently there are sufferings, but later, there  is a glory tobe revealed. V. 18
The world  we live in  is full of suffering - all kinds of  sickness, pains of all kinds, misery, disappointment in different ways by different persons, poverty , mistreatment, sorrow , persecutions , ant trouble , almost everywhere

Principle 2. The whole nature too is in bondage and expecting liberation from God's children, vs  19- 23
Due to the sufferings of nature , we are groaning , the nature too is groaning for us , awaiting the manifestation go God's children

Principle 3. A sincere child of God keeps on hoping in the Lord
Sometime we pray and we believe we have received the answer only to see us grumbling at  some level. The most important thing is that we must continue to trust in  the Lord, remembering that God is faithful and will do what He says He will do

Principle 4. Even , in the face of the toughest situation , a child of God is never abandoned, vs 28-30

Principle 5. Circumstances of life , though tough, are always stepping stone to glory for a sincere and redeemed child of God , vs 31-38
The world we live in is full of troubles, you are passing through one now, possibly
God, by His Word has provided solution for every challenge( 2 Peter 1:3 )
A true child of God will seek God's mind on whatever solution he proffers or prefers.
No life challenge is strong enough to remove us from the presence of God or Fellowship of believers

Where are you today?
Are you genuinely redeemed?
What are you doing now to your challenge currently ?
Can you confidently say you seek God's approval ?
Basic fact, a child of God does not sin because of his/her challenges
Rather, he/she takes them all to the Lord in Prayers
Then, seeks counsel
Will you pause now and hand over those challenges to your Heavenly Father and leave them there ?
May we pray, please