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Women Missionary Union

The Women Missionary Union was established in 1957 through the effort of Rev. and Mrs. Duffer (Missionaries) at Newton campus along Ilobu Road, Osogbo. Rev. and Mrs. Duffer led the organization for seven years (1957-1963) after which they proceeded in missionary journey to Jos. The organization thereafter relocated to Baba & Mama Boladale’s residence in Araromi area for its weekly activities.

The first indigenous W. M.U president for the church was Late Mrs. Comfort Oladebo Eebo. She led the organization for one year between January 1966 and Dec 1966. She served under the pastoral leadership of Pastor Olaleru. Some of the pioneer members of the organization were: Mrs. Alabi, Mrs. Fajensan, Mrs. Eebo, Mrs. Adenihun (now Deaconess), Mrs. Olabosinde, Mrs. Adedipe (Jnr & Snr), Mrs. Seriki, Mrs. Taiwo, Mrs. Adepele, Mrs. Abiola, Mrs. Egbewole, Mrs. Dada, Dns. Ojo, Mrs. Ala, Mrs. Ogunkuade (Jnr & Snr) among others.

Other progressive builders of the union include:
1. Dns. ‘Dara Adenihun, January 1967 - June 1972.
2. Mrs. Jimi Adedipe, July 1972 – December 1972.
3. Dns. Beatrice Egbewole, January 1973 – December 1976.
4. Mrs. Abioye, January 1977 - 1980.
5. Mrs. Olagunju, January 1981 – December 1984.
6. Mrs. Adeniyi L.A, January 1985 – December 1987.
7. Mrs. Oguntomi E.A, January 1988 – December 1991.
8. Mrs. Dada J.M, January 1992 – December 1995.
9. Mrs Bolaji Oguwale, January 1996 – December 1998.
10. Mrs. Ogunwuyi F.O (Now Deaconess), January 1999 – December 2002.
11. Mrs. Taiwo Funke (Now Deaconess), January 2003 – December 2006
12. Mrs Bola Ojelowo (Now Deaconess) January 2007 – Till Date

To the glory of God the organization in the past and present embarked on some mission exploits, which include:
a) Mission trip to Boriya mission field
b) Regular worship at preaching station, Erin-Osun in order to encourage the indigenous worshipers and accelerate the growth of the church.
c) Purchase of bus to aid evangelism.
d) Introduction of monthly fasting and prayer and establishment of prayer meeting for the pregnant women.
e) Introduction of monthly prayer meeting for women who are trusting the Lord for the fruit of the womb.

The organization has equally contributed in no small measure to the development of the church in the following areas:
a) Construction of three bedroom flat under the new church auditorium, serving as offices for Associate pastors and stores.
b) Re-painting of the old church auditorium and children church.
c) Laying the foundation of the pastorium for children pastor.
d) Completion of a three bedroom flat for the use of children pastor.
e) Purchase of an 18-seater Mazda Bus.
f) Purchasing and fixing of Air-conditioners to the church Guest house.
g) Construction of a modern office for the pastoral use.

W.M.U of the Union Baptist Church consists of:
(a) Sunbeam.
(b) Girl’s Auxiliary.
(c) Lydia Group.
(d) Women Missionary Society.
The watchword of the organization is found in 1 Corinthians 3:9 while the Hymn is “Come Women Wide Proclaim”.