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Sunday School

This ministry allows members to be highly rooted in the word of God as they gather to do systematic biblical expositions, full of inspiration, with a view to live according to the will and purpose of God anywhere they are. It is the Bible Study Section of the Sunday worship service of the church.

1. For Teachers:
a. To encourage teachers to be able to build themselves up to study the scripture individually.
b. That each teacher should leave an exemplary life that befits the office he/she is holding.
c. That each teacher should teach others the word of God and show good example to the members of their class
d. Each teacher should be able to develop a Bible Study.
2. For class members:
a. Every class members will be able to participate very well.
b. Have a moderate class where they will be to contribute, study and ask question on the word of God studied either in the church and outside the church
c. That what they studies, seen and heard will have positive changes in their life and influence on the life of others around them.
d. To encourage them to study the scripture and pray individually.
e. To encourage teachers to see to the life of class members and help them in all areas of their life-physical, spiritual, social.
3. To see to the overall growth of the church especially the word of God.

As soon as the members of the church that came from First Baptist Church, Oke Okanla, Osogbo settled down, they started Sunday School immediately. At that time, there were only two classes i.e. one adult class and a children class. One of them was asked to co-ordinate. From one adult class fifty years ago with only about eleven students, the department now has many classes.

Some of the brethren who allowed themselves to be used by the Lord in the Sunday School ministry as superintendents include: Mr. G.O. Oyetunji' Dn. 'Bayo Oyetade, Mr. David Adeleke, Mr. M.A. Aderibigbe, Dn. S.G. Laosebikan, Late Mr. O.O. Akintayo, Dns. V.O. Oguntunde, and Dn. 'Demola Ibiyemi.
To the glory of Almighty God, the ministry has continued to meet the needs of church members by exposing to them the truth in the word of God. The ministry is presently co-coordinated by the superintendent in person of Dr. M.A. Odewale.