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Information Communication and Technology Department

Time is a beautiful phenomenon given to human race. Since we are in the age of information technology, this ministry ensures that all worship services is projected electronically to embrace vibrant worship services.

(1) To promote the kingdom of Christ by preaching the gospel to people through the power of Holy Ghost.
(2) To develop the ministry of information technology with the members of the church.
(3) To raise all godly available support for the Ministry.
(4) To unite and empower all other ministries of the church
(5) To promote Church activities to the whole world.
(6) To relate and fellowship with other brethren all over the world.
(7) To create ministry opportunities inter - denominationally and trans – denominationally all over the world.
(8) To keep abreast members in that squad with the on going at home fellowship.
(9) To organize the pastors and the church members.
10) To do research work for further expansion of the gospel.

1. This ministry works together with the Technical department of the church to ensure vibrant worship services and by the special grace of God we have gotten our media unit where audio CD, DVD and VCD for messages and worship services are produced. Soonest, you shall have the opportunity of watching our worship services live online.
2. A website for the church has been created, hosted with our domain name It is an interactive website whereby constructive criticisms for further improvement of the web is allowed. You are richly blessed in Jesus name as you visit our site.

The inaugural meeting of this ministry was held on 20th day of December, 2007 with Dr. Lani Stephen of Music Institute, Bauchi Ring road in Jos who then led the Church in 3-day Praise revival meeting characterized by sound teaching in music with biblical expositions. “It is not by might, it is not by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord”.

Unto the glory of God, our maiden worship service was projected electronically in May 2008 during Shiloh Day and for the past one and half years ago, the local effect of Information Technology has been duly felt in the Church. For example, various worship services in the form of Sunday Worship services, Revival services, Couples’ Day celebration, Wedding ceremonies, Church Business meetings, Believers’ Congress worship services to mention but a few had been projected electronically with less economy of effort. The Information Technology ministry of this Church therefore, gives glory to God for His infinitive Mercies thus far. Deepest appreciation goes to the Church for the contributions in diverse ways towards this ministry.

At this juncture, sincere thanks to the sub-committees within the I.T. department which includes textual, strategic, graphic design, protocol, policy and monitoring and audio for their untiring efforts towards the smooth running of this ministry. The Almighty God will reward you all abundantly. God bless. The ministry is co-coordinated by Deacon M.O.B Taiwo and Bro Funso Ojo.