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House Church Fellowship

After a meeting in August 1, 1996, wherein Rev. E.O. Kehinde shared the advantages and need for the practice of House Church Fellowship, it began with fifteen (15) centers. The HCF was explained in the meeting that led to its inception as a smaller unit of a large church which ministries enable us to get closer to one another in such a way that it becomes easy in the whole church to easily identify families and their locations, as well as areas of needs and people in need so as to provide care in a better way.

Meeting used to be on Thursdays evening at various locations (rotational) chosen by each center or as the center roster indicates. The focuses of the fellowship meetings were, and still remain:
♦ Internal Growth of members.
♦ Community awareness and witness.
♦ Taking note of those who belong but do not attend.
♦ Listing of current resident members of each family.
♦ Fellowship being zoned, supervised by a deacon, with monthly evaluation and review, and retreat.

On June 25, 2000 the fellowship replaced the combined evening service of the church as a result of many factors such as fuel scarcity that made it difficult for distant members to attend evening worship services. By then, the fellowship centers had grown to twenty six (26).

Some of the fellowship have growth/merged to become full-fledged daughter churches. For example; Rhema Baptist Church was born out of Technical Area Fellowship HCF; New Covenant Baptist Church was born out of Ofatedo1 and 2 HCF; Rehoboth Baptist Church was born out of Ota-Efun/Biket HCF; Pilgrim Baptist Church was born of Agunbelewollobu Road fellowship; Jubilee Baptist Church, our newest baby is born out of Oroki/Express Road and Oke-Onitea Fellowship to mark the fiftieth Anniversary of the church.

The shift of fellowship days from Thursdays to Sunday Evening gave birth to Shiloh Night. Every first Sunday of the month, all the fellowships coverage in the church for general church evening worship fully loaded with varieties (Testimonies, praises, prayers, Lord Supper, special music, drama, etc.).

In January 2006, Fellowship centers had growth to 37 and the “At Shiloh Day”, every member in both congregation (English and Yoruba), alongside our non-organised daughter churches (Rehoboth, Pilgrim and Goshen Baptist churches) coverage into the church on the first Sunday of every month for a larger fellowship and greater joy. The varieties are still maintained and we feel more strengthened and united.

Through HCF, Church membership has increased in some way and many members have gained sense of belonging..