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Church Training Programme

Like Sunday school ministry, the church training programme of the church started long time ago. There was no historical record that indicated the exact date when the ministry started in Union Baptist Church. However, it was on record that the following brethren at one time or another served as Church Training Director. They include: Dn. Bayo Oyetade, I.O. Oyelowo, Dn. T.A. Afolabi, Dn. 'Femi Abayomi, Bro. Biodun Akinlaja, Bro. Tunde Awolude, Surv. P.F. Fagbamila, and Mrs. Eunice Olusade Buraimo.

The aim of Church Training Programme is to educate members on some issues ranging from doctrinal values and beliefs of the Baptist denomination to Christian values and beliefs, health matters, political, education, and other social concerns.

To the glory of God the adult literacy section was introduced to enable members who could not read or write have access to formal education at no cost. Literacy classes for French and Hausa languages were equally introduced for the benefit of interested members.

Sword-Drill and children memory verses training were also given much desired attention.
To the glory of God, one of the participants in sword drill training (Master Oluwasina Idowu) came third at Osun Baptist Conference Sword Drill Competition.

In spite of the above-mentioned achievements, the department is still working towards ensuring one hundred percent attendance of church members in church training programmes. The current president is Mr. Kayode Akinbola.