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Union Family Songs

Under Our Skin

Jesus' love has got under our skin /2ce

Deeper than colour - Oh oh

Richer than culture - Oh oh

Stronger than emotion - Oh oh

Wider than the ocean - Oh oh


Don't you wanna celebrate

And congratulate somebody

Talk about a family

It's under our skin


I Love This Familly

I love this family of God

So closely knitted into one

They've taken me into their hearts and I'm so glad to be

A part of this great family


Ebi Ni Wa

Ebi ni wa ninu olúwa

Ebi ni wa ninu Jesú

Ebi ni wa nipa Igbagbo

Eje ka lo fé ninu ebii wa

Ebi alayó, Ifé Jesú

Ebi alayó t'okun fun ifé Jesú

Ebi alayó l'ebi wa

Ifé ara ma l'orin wa