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daddy and_mummyRighteousness exalt a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. Whom shall I send?. And who will go for us?. I look for a man who will stand in the gap on behalf of this nation. Who will Answer,"Here I am send me?".

Dearly beloved, you are welcome to the website of Union Baptist Church, the Praise Cathedral. (Psalm 84:11.) No doubt you will be richly blessed for visiting this website. Our Church is a Bible believing and Bible practising Church. Our focus is to reach the world with the message of salvation by grace and position men to experience the glory of God. I believe you are next in line for a gracious and glorious experience.

Here is where the weary find rest; all who mourn find comfort, those struggling find victory; sinners find saviour, strangers find fellowship and those idle find a place for service. May heaven smile on you, Above all, no matter who you are, we love you. You are blessed!

Rev. Dr. E.O. Kehinde
  (Pastor in Charge)