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Our Organisational Structure

“Plans go wrong with too few counselors; many counselors brings success” (Proverbs 15: 22).

The organizational structure of Union Baptist Church consists of the following:

The pastorate of the church is the spiritual and administrative nerve of the church. It consists of the three ministers of God i.e.

1. Revd. Dr. E. Olumide Kehinde (Church Pastor and head of the church pastorate).
2. Revd. Isaac O. Ishola (Associate Pastor in charge of Children Ministry).
3. Revd. Mike Abioye (Associate Pastor in charge of Youth and Outreach Ministry).
4. Other pastors serving in the Church and Diaspora ministries
Under the spirit led and dynamic leadership of Rev. Dr. E. Olumide Kehinde, series of innovations have been introduced into the pastorate in order to ensure that church members are adequately catered for spiritually and physically.

Some of the functions of the pastorate include:
a. Working relentlessly to ensure spiritual and physical development of the church.
b. Exposition of scriptural teaching in line with Baptist faith and beliefs.
c. Programming the order and system of services in accordance with the Nigerian Baptist Convention pattern.
Other administrative duties include:
a. Supervision of all church based organizations and their auxiliaries.
b. Coordination and supervision of church paid workers.
c. Representing the church at Association, Conference and Convention meetings.

To the glory of God, the church is grateful for the way God is using our spiritual fathers to bless and enrich the lives of church members.

The origin of the office of the deacons as contained in the book of Acts of the Apostles chapter 6:1-7 was as a result of the increase in number of new converts in the church.

Deacons were elected and ordained by the early Apostles to assist in the care of the needy, widows and orphans in the early church. Today, this same assignment is assigned to the deacons and deaconesses in all Baptist Churches.

Deaconate ministry of Union Baptist Church, Osogbo started on the 9th of October 1977 with the appointment of first set of deacons and deaconesses. Ever since then, the deaconate ministry has continued to grow spiritually and physically with more men and women of good and outstanding qualities appointed in 1989 and 2005. The increase in size of the deaconate is due largely to the expanding nature of church ministry and the need to ensure that all church members are reached regardless of their locations.

At present the deaconate of the church consists of twenty five deacons and deaconesses out of which nineteen were ordained in Union Baptist Church Odi-Olowo, Osogbo while the rest were ordained in some other recognised Baptist churches. Some of the functions of the deaconate include:

a. Assisting the church pastor to serve the Lord's Table.
b. Caring for the poor, widow/widower and orphans.
c. Ministering to the church members through visitation and counseling.
d. Overseeing some church ministries so as to enhance their growth.
e. Other spiritual and physical duties that may be assigned by the church pastor from time to time.

Presently, the deaconate of the church is doing well to God's glory under the able chairmanship of Dn. I.O. Oyelowo with the church pastor as ex-officio member.

The origin and the need for what is known as Church Council today is found in the book of Acts of Apostle Chapter 15. At a point in the history of early church, certain crucial decisions had to be made hence, the need for apostles and elders to meet and take position on certain issues.

The Church Council of Union Baptist Church consists of the church pastor, (as the Chairman of the Council) Associate Pastors, Chairman of the deacon's fellowship, organization's heads, society representatives and some statutory church officers. Church Council of Union Baptist Church Odi Olowo, Osogbo meets once in a month except if there are urgent matters that call for immediate attention warranting emergency meetings. The Church Council performs the following functions;

1) Formulating policies and programmes that would enhance realization of the objectives of the church.
2) Implementation of the decisions taken by the church in conference.

To the glory of God, the church council of the church has been dynamic and the quality of deliberations has improved greatly especially in the last few years.