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Our History

The Beginnings
“Not unto us O Lord, but to you goes all the glory for your unfailing love and faithfulness” (Ps. 115:1)
“…. like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all seeds but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and the birds nest in its branches”. (Matthew 13: 31- 32)


These verses of the scripture give a brief summary of growth and development of Union Baptist Church, off Odi-Olowo Road, Osogboo in Osun state, Nigeria. As a result of some developmental circumstances at First Baptist Church, Oke Okanla, Osogbo, some men with their family members resolved to found another church known and addressed as Union Baptist Church, Odi-Olowo, Osogbo on 1st of January, 1956. Of course, there were indications that some preliminary fellowship and worship meetings had been going on before this very date. 

The following men and their family members were the founding members: Late Pa J. O. Oguntuase, Late Pa Ala, Late Pa E. Dare Adedipe, Late Pa Josiah Olabosinde, Late Pa E. Oluwadare, Late Pa D.J. Ogunkuade, Late Pa Agboola Adedipe, Late Pa J.L. Abiola, Late Pa J. Fasuhanmi, Chief J.B. Seriki, Late Pa J.D. Fajehinsan, Late Pa J.O.D. Adedipe, Pa Adenihun, Chief T. Dada, Late Pa Rotimi, Pa Gbadebo, Pa Eni Ayegbami, Pa Adeoye, and Pa Arabis

The house of Late Pa Oguntuase at No 103, Station Road, Osogbo was used as the first temporary place of worship. The attendance at the first Sunday morning worship was thirty two (32). Thereafter the church continued to grow numerically. The temporary place was used for only three months after which they moved to another rented hall because the former place could no longer contain them. The location of the hall was at the junction of Odi-Olowo and Fagbewesa Streets behind late Pa Jossy Ige's residence. 

While at this temporary site, they applied for a permanent (present site) site of the church from Late Oba Samuel Adenle the then Ataoja of Osogbo land. He approved the release of a vast area of land to the church for use. The land was bounded in the East by a stream and in the North by Osogbo-Gbongan road. A large part of the land was lost to other users due to the inability of the founding fathers to make full use of the land. 

The foundation stone of the church auditorium was laid on 9th of July 1956 by an American Missionary, Rev. W.H. Congdon. The church was formerly organized as a full-fledged Baptist Church in 1960. 

Thanks to God for succeeding generations both in leadership and followership, clergy and laity alike, who kept the flag, flying in the face of all challenging circumstances. The mustard seed was planted in 1956 and today, it has indeed become a giant tree. In order to fulfill the purpose and function of the church according to the words of Jesus Christ, the owner of the church, “I will build my church” various machineries were put in place to move the church forward.

Different organizations, ministries, fellowships, societies, the deaconate and the pastoral team have over the years displayed their commitment to the point that today the church is not just living but giving birth to living and vibrant churches. This could be attributed to nothing but the grace, strength and Spirit of God.